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Balch Insurance Agency, Inc. is the leading life insurance broker serving Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Since opening my doors, I’ve earned a strong reputation as a trustworthy service provider, one known for quality advice, stellar service, and highly competitive rates. I help you understand your options and navigate the world of insurance, finding you the right plan to suit your needs, wants, and budget.

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Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance is a binding contract between a client and an insurance company, wherein the client will purchase life insurance coverage, and the company will agree to pay out benefits when needed, usually upon the death of the purchaser. Some life insurance policies expire, while others are permanent.

Balch Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you explore your options, weigh their advantages, and choose the right one for you. Whether you’re an individual looking to protect your family or an employer looking for a group plan, I’m sure to find just what you need.

Group Life Insurance

Many workers will receive a group life insurance policy through their employer. That’s what I’m here to deliver.

I’m proud to be a leading broker for group insurance plans. I provide some of the most comprehensive and affordable life insurance packages on the market, saving you money while ensuring everyone has the full coverage they deserve. To see what I can do for you, be sure to contact me today.

Types of Life Insurance Coverage

There are three main types of life insurance:

· Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is the most comprehensive coverage option. It does not expire and sometimes pays out dividends, which means that you have the potential to earn money over a lifetime. In this sense, whole life insurance can be treated as more of a lifetime asset.

· Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most affordable coverage option, and the most basic. It comes with a fixed term of insurance, meaning it will expire once the initial term has elapsed.

· Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is yet another option that acts more like an investment. With universal life insurance, you may be able to earn interest over time, but the financing will also be subject to some risk.

Assessing Your Life Insurance Options

A person of any age can purchase life insurance. But the longer you wait, the more expensive the investment will be. If you are buying life insurance at a younger age, you are more likely to get a lower premium. It’s essential to have your medical records up to date and available as a part of your life insurance application.

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